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Experience the finest and high-quality refrigerator / freezer installation and repair at ForeverSmart Appliance Repair Service. At ForeverSmart Appliance Repair Service, we are the only premier appliances repair and installation company serving Pasadena. We believe in offering our customers high-quality solutions, guaranteeing them longevity and efficiency of kitchen appliances. Therefore, if you need an experienced appliance technician for your refrigerator or freezer, at ForeverSmart Appliance Repair Service we have you covered.

Refrigerator & Freezer

Personalized refrigerator / freezer installation

We come with years of experience delivering personalized experiences when it comes to appliance repair. We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That is why we pay attention to detail, for guaranteed thoroughness and accuracy. Therefore, on arrival at the customer premises, we discuss with the customer in order to understand the preferences. We advice our customers on the best appliance installation practices. This is to make sure that the refrigerator or the freezer is properly installed for maximum efficiency. Upon reaching the consensus, our team begins to deliver the services while making sure that we are delivering towards what the customer expects from us. Therefore, at ForeverSmart Appliance Repair Service, we are the refrigerator / freezer installers you have been searching.

Quick and Efficient Refrigerator / Freezer repair solutions

We understand the importance of the refrigerator especially in your kitchen, or restaurant business. To make sure no losses because of food gone bad, we respond swiftly to your requests. Our technical team arrives in time as scheduled, while they are equipped with the appliance diagnosis tools. We identify the problem quickly, provide the recommended repair approach, and make sure that you are served quickly and efficiently.

Quick and Efficient Refrigerator / Freezer repair solutions


The common refrigerator / Freezer problems that we respond to include but not limited to:

  • Water leaking on the floor
  • Refrigerator / freezer not starting up
  • Freezer not cooling well
  • The unit keeps cycling often
  • The fresh food compartment is heating up
  • Freezer floor has a sheet of ice stuck
  • Frost builds in the ice dispenser
  • Overflowing icemaker
  • The refrigerator keeps freezing food / veggies
Refrigerator Repair

Therefore, if you notice that your refrigerator or freezer is having these issues, call us immediately for assistance. We provide our customers professional solutions guaranteeing then 100% satisfaction. Call us today via the phone number (805)668-4294. We are the professional appliance repair and installation company serving Pasadena and the environs.